Our Lady Queen of Martyrs

  Roman Catholic Church  

Pre-Vatican II - Traditional Latin Mass

Rev. Oscar Saavedra, pastor



The Seven Sacraments


Baptisms are by appointment.
Godparents must be practicing Catholics in good standing who reject the changes of Vatican II.



First confessions should be made as close as possible to the date of First Holy Communion. Confession guides are available in the vestibule if you need them.


Holy Communion

In order to receive his First Holy Communion, the child must have the use of reason. Recipients must have fasted for three hours, and arrived in the Church before the Offertory.



Confirmations are by appointment, done by Bishop Sanborn. If you wish to be confirmed, contact Father to arrange the date.



If you are contemplating Matrimony, catechism instruction may be needed. Depending on the case, you may need to contact the priest as early as one year in advance of your wedding. Please contact the priest before setting the date or making any other arrangements, e.g., purchase of gowns or rental of halls.


Extreme Unction

For Extreme Unction or sick calls, please call this number:



When making arrangements for funerals, please contact the priest before contacting the funeral director.


Do you need a Sacrament Certificate?

Please fill out the requested information on the Contact Us page, and then in the Comments box supply the following information: