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Our Lady Queen of Martyrs

  Roman Catholic Church  

Pre-Vatican II - Traditional Latin Mass

Rev. Oscar Saavedra, pastor


About Us

The Holy Mass is celebrated at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs according to the traditional Latin rite used by the Catholic Church for hundreds of years.


A Note to Newcomers:

The Crucifix

As a newcomer to the traditional Latin Mass, we welcome you to the unchanged Catholic Faith. The priests and parishioners of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Church reject the changes of Vatican II. They want to preserve the Roman Catholic Faith by maintaining everything which was taught and done by the Church prior to Vatican II. In order to receive the sacraments here, it is therefore necessary that you attend exclusively the traditional Latin Mass, and avoid the new Mass and reformed sacraments. We also invite you to take our booklet entitled The Traditional Latin Mass, which is very informative.



Dress Code

For Men

Jacket and tie on Sundays and holy days of obligation. No earrings.

For Ladies

A dress or skirt is required; no pants. The skirt must at least cover the knee, and should not be tight or otherwise revealing in any way. Immodest slits are forbidden. Clothing should be loose and not form-fitting. A head covering is also required. See-through blouses are forbidden, as well as clothing which is low-cut either in front or in back.

For Everyone

No tennis shoes, sandals, or denim; even on weekdays. Clothing with writing on it (e.g., sweatshirts or jackets) is also forbidden. Out of respect for the Blessed Sacrament, the standards of Catholic modesty must be observed. Anyone in tight, provocative, or otherwise revealing attire will not be permitted to enter the church.


Appointments and Other Information

If you wish to make an appointment with a priest, please call the rectory at the number below.